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Name:αℓℓєη ƒяαη¢ιѕ ∂σуℓє
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal I have become
Name: Allen Francis Doyle
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Series: Angel The Series
Portrayed by: Glenn Quinn
Doyle is a half-Brachen demon half-human mix; he can transform to a demon form with green skin and blue spikes sticking out of his face and neck. In his demon form he has a very enhanced sense of smell and is stronger with more stamina and dexterity than a normal human. For example, he was able to sniff out a powerful ring that Angel had hidden in the tunnels under the office within a second of switching forms. He can also withstand injuries to an extent because of that strength without any bad after-effects. He also survived Angel snapping his neck in an act to full an army of psycho demons hell bent of wiping out half breeds. However, getting knocked around a bit too much or even something like sneezing can force his demon side out without his willing it.
He won't have as much control over his forms on the barge, stuck mostly in his human form. Honestly, this change will not bother him too much, besides the loss of these abilities. The times he will be able to change, he won't have too much of a difference between his forms.
Doyle is cursed with the gift he wishes he could return, prophetic visions from The Powers That Be, which includes images of the person in danger, their name, places in which evil is present or going to happen or anything the Powers want to be dealt with. These visions cause him a horrible amount of pain, though his half-demon physiology prevents his brain from suffering real damage, since humans are not supposed to have visions. The last human who did before Cordelia had the back of her head blow out from a strong vision.
These will be cut down, he will get no where near as many and they will be harder to decode then ever before. The pain will likely be worse when they hit as well due to his demonic power being watered down by the barge but nothing he shouldn't be able to handle with a bottle of aspirin and a bottle of booze near by.
Somebody wake me from this nightmare
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